Top 18 brilliant street ads that make you say ‘wow’

There are too many advertising. Way too many. Ironically, considering their topic is communications, most of them are not eye catchy thanks to a combination of poor content and loopy design. But here 18 examples of street ads are amazing and more creative. You will definitely take second and think about this ads.

1. Sprite’s beach shower

Sprite beach shower

2. McDonalds


3. Nike forcing you to keep running

Nike forcing to keep running

4. IBM giving you a reason to seat

IBM to seat

5. The Economist, brightening people’s minds

Economist people minds

6. Super Man elevator

Super Man elevator

7. The Copenhagen Zoo, keeping it real

Copenhagen Zoo

8. Homer eating donuts for The click here Simpsons movie launch

Homer eating donuts

9. Ariel, can really whiten everything


10. IWC Schaffhausen, try their watches on your way to work

IWC Schaffhausen watches

11. Coca Cola

Coca Cola

12. Mars. Keep in mind the truck is not soft as it looks


13. Hubba Hubba, the infinite gum

Hubba Hubba

14. Law & Order ad

Law n Order ad

15. Folgers. Are they sure this will make you want some hot coffee?


16. Adidas’ giant ad


17. KitKat


18. IKEA. Improves your life.