Reap the benefits of online advertising

More and more companies, big or small, are getting inclined towards e-marketing. The reason is simple; the number of people using internet is on steady rise. These very people are potential customers, and it is quite logical that companies would like to catch their attention. With nearly 43 million internet users accessing internet in India, and 12.5 million adding on yearly basis, spending an average online time of 12.5 hours, the prospects of e-marketing as well as e-advertising is rising. Online advertising is a promotion by using internet and worldwide web as media platform.

It is no wonder then that internet ad revenue in India is slated to grow at an impressive rate of 31.2 per cent in 2013. In fact, of late it is the internet advertising which is spearheading the growth of Indian advertising which otherwise registered a modest growth of 2.6% in 2012, whereas the growth share of internet advertising was 68.1% for the same period.

This is not a standalone phenomenon in India. The internet advertising segment is growing fast world over, and has actually outpaced other modes of advertising. Before buying a product, an internet familiar person goes to browse web to find out as many details as he can ranging from product specification to price compare to reviews and pros and cons of the product. All these information for a customer is just a 5 minutes browsing away. The smart companies have acknowledged this trend and have re-distributed their ad budget in the favor of online advertising. In the current situation the ideal way to go about one’s business promotion is advised to be to invest in a bouquet of traditional as well as internet advertising.

To see online advertising as a replacement click here of other instruments of advertising would be an erroneous idea. The aim of advertising is not a mere education to the customer. We are not living in the days when some businesses enjoyed monopolies. These are the days of cutthroat competition. A person even after having placed his hand on the bottle of Gold Spot can switch his mind for Miranda. The customer goes out to buy a car and passes at least half a dozen showrooms of world’s best car companies before settling for one. Both these examples have been taken deliberately. There is hardly any quantity, quality, price or brand value difference between Gold Spot and Miranda. Likewise Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Chevrolet, Volkswagen- all are equal in almost every respect. How can they attract a customer then? The answer is to exploit every possible avenue of advertising.

If netizen sit down and search for a company or its products and do not find adequate information, chances are that the competitor who had exploited the potential of net-advertising would eventually get your customer. Interestingly online-advertising or internet-advertising or digital-advertising, all the same, is comparatively a cheaper medium o popularize a product. It is far more effective than any other mediums which meet the consumers’ eye for a brief period of time without divulging much of the information about the product.

Internet-advertising, however, requires a special treatment and specific skill set. It has to communicate effectively and be crisp. It also requires a specialty to chalk out the plan to place the ad so that it reaches the customers’ heartland and results in brand building and business promotion. These are interesting times for advertising. A good advertising agency can take a business and brand to soaring heights.