Oye Events: Tips on organizing flawless Event

Here are some useful planning tips in making your event successful

  1. Lead Time is Crucial!

One must plan an event well in advance to make sure that everyone concerned (target group) should know about the event well in advance and prepare themselves for the event. Sponsors of the event should be given enough lead time to make preparations to be able to convert the leads generated from the event promotion. The celebrity guest, participants should block their calendar well in advance to avoid last minutes fall outs. Each event should have right multimedia mix for their promotion to be able to reach out to the target group effectively and with pre-planned lead time.

  1. Finding the Target Market

The organiser or the event company should have plenty of relevant contacts and should have much of a scatter gun approach to market the event. The questions you must ask o yourself is to what kind of people would come to an event like this, where could I find them, how do they like to be spoken to, and what could I promise them about the event that would prick their ears up and make their hairs stand on end?

After collecting the data base of the target audience one needs to freeze the offline marketing approach and internet would do the rest. One most remember that most people don’t spend their free time browsing event sites and picking evenings to attend you must try the native ad marketing (news feeds) approached clubbed with keyword on relevant search.

Most people have far too general approach, assuming that people would be as interested in their event as they are. Big mistake. People lead busy lives, and they will only make a decision to give up 3 hours of their valuable time if they are given the best reasons to do so. They expect a personalised approach and a specially tailored invitation at the very least. Personalised Direct mailers followed by innovative e-mailer shall play the most important role in drawing decision maker’s attention towards your events.

If you are planning on running and selling an event, expect to be talking to people non-stop; event planning starts with a computer and a social network, it most definitely does not end there!

  1. Get People Signed Up, Start with the click here Low Hanging Fruit!

Your first target should be to get all key attendees in place, sign up the most relevant venue (centrally located) and freeze the flow of the event well in advance. Get confirmation from key performers, speakers, VIP Guests in advance to be able to plan effective marketing communication and branding.

Finding the first few attendees is always the hardest part; nobody wants to be the first to throw their hat into the ring. So always make sure your first few calls are to friends, favorite clients and celebrities those you have a close working relationship with.
Low Hanging Fruit

  1. Take a Leap Into the Unknown!

Ask yourself, what is the point of staging an event in the first place? It’s all about creating a new experience, not just for others, but for yourself, too. If you are not the kind of person who enjoys new experiences, then don’t organise an event! Our recommendation to our clients is to take some risks, and not to be afraid of putting yourself out there.

Remember, nobody ever minds being invited to something, it’s not being invited that really bugs people. Many of us give the impression that we are always out at some event or other, but in reality everyone is grateful for an opportunity to see and to be seen, to network and to learn something new. Make sure you do not forget to invite Page3 personality as they have their own pull to make the event more noticeable.

If you are proud of the event you are selling, make sure other people have an opportunity to share it too. You may well be very surprised by who refuses, but even more so by who takes you up on your offer.

  1. In Conclusion:

If your idea is good go ahead with it, make it an annual affair, it is important to establish the credibility of your event where an experienced event company will pay the most important role as they bring in their expertise and most of the established event agencies have strong PR team to publicise the event. But remember you need to be fully involved in each stage of the event to make sure that the event is success.