Managing event is an Art [Part I]

Every event or conference has a “story” and we could write a book about funny happenings, sudden weather changes, last-minute demands, airport strikes, and the people factor. “Finding a solution” with the minimum fuss to our client and our delegates, is what Successful Events does best – “There is always a solution”. With the support of tried and tested suppliers, Successful Events, covers the full range of services required to coördinate an event or conference from creative design and print to financial management, social media and technical requirements and the logistical roll-out. Our blogs give you a taste of the personal and professional service Successful Events offers you.

event top five attributes

The event planning profession is unique in that it takes a blend of people, business and program management skills to succeed. Here’s a list of top five attributes that makes the difference between a good and a great event manager.

Organizational skills .
Events are much like a great stage performance, and the event manager the show click here director. Choreographing various elements that make an event successful is imperative to the success of any event. Great organizational skills are the basic underpinnings of successfully managing people, schedules, vendors and everything else.

Attention to detail
Not everyone can have a ‘Steve Jobs-like’ maniacal attention to detail to everything. However, excellent event managers take the time to consider the most important elements of an event and focus their efforts on every minute detail for the things that matter most to their customers.

Murphy ’s Law states that if anything can go wrong, it most likely will. Experienced event managers know that there are rarely any events where something doesn’t go ‘wrong’. They also know that their ability to stay calm under pressure and be the voice of reason is an attribute that makes them great leaders.

People Skills
When it comes down to it, events are all about people. The ability to connect, understand and build lasting relationships is a skill that every event manager must build and improve upon, no matter how experienced and successful they are.

Ever noticed how birds flying in the air in unison as “one mind”, gracefully and in perfect timing as they weave across the skies? Leading and managing people is something like this. The passion and the ability to take charge of the flow of things make all the difference at the end of it all.

Next week will come with remaining part of this post, so stay tuned!