Managing event is an Art [Part II]

Having a great idea is just one piece of the puzzle. If you read Part I of this series on how to Managing event is an Art, you should already have a list of ideas and creative in your mind. The key now is to take your best ideas and convert them into Successful Event!

Secrets to Successful Event

Marketing and Event Management

The difference between good events and great events is tight execution on marketing, automation of administrative tasks, and good management of the events. Over seven years of event consulting, our staff has discovered effective best practices after assisting over 500 planners launch and manage their events.

Specifically through these 750 event experiences, our staff has revealed the best ways for event and meeting planners to fill the room, not overlook, and manage events efficiently.

Effective and Economical Invitations

The first element of a successful event is effective promotion through email invitations, automated online event registration and added integrated marketing efforts such as direct mail, outbound phone calls and an informative event web site. Meeting Planners International has reported that close integration with other marketing disciplines was identified as the primary means to event success by over 80% of event planners in the 2009 Event Review ‘09 trend analysis study.

Email invitations are the most economical marketing method and undoubtedly drive more attendance for planners than any other marketing medium. Email invitations should have a professional appearance, with eye-catching graphics, an effective subject line and click here relevant content. Properly bundling emailed invitations with an online registration and payment-processing system will dramatically increase attendance numbers, reduce manual data entry and simplify attendee tracking tasks. Post data analysis on over 750 events shows that planners can meet up to three times the standard response rate after implementing integrated email marketing, direct mail, and outbound calling campaigns.

Custom Communications Reach the Response

The second secret key to successful events is to support your event marketing efforts with targeted and personalized emails to invitees. Each group of invitees should receive specific messaging tailored to their interests. Response rates for a one size fits all invitation can be 50% less than invitations for specific groups of attendees such as VIP clients, prospects, different levels of association members etc. Furthermore, it is essential to send invitations that are personalized. “To Whom It May Concern” and “Dear Client” should be replaced with key fields like first name, title and company that are mail merged into the invitation.

The mail merge will make the invitation seem less like a blanket invite and more like a personal offer. Our research has shown that targeted messaging and personalizing emails can be the difference between a successful event and an event that is cancelled for lack of response. Email is the premier medium for targeted and personalized invitations.

Personalization and targeted messaging are examples of fundamental marketing practices that can make or break an event. That’s all for now will come back with more useful management tips keep tuned for more tips….