Enlightening someone’s life on Diwali

Social Responsibility

We at Oye! Group take social responsibility very seriously, we use Diwali as an occasion to lead our CSR initiatives, Stemming from the idea that the festival is an occasion of joy and light to be shared with the not so fortune as well.

We have an annual Diwali drive where we collect old clothes, books and similar discarded items from our employees and donate these articles to the various charitable organisations we partner with. Most homes undergo a cleaning spree for Diwali, and a lot of unnecessary articles come to light. We make sure that these articles reaches click here the much needy ones.

Since the past three years we at OYE! team has been celebrating Diwali with widows and elderly women abandoned by their families to help them find an occasion to dispel the darkness and to give them the love and carrying they deserve. After meeting them we realised that all they need is the little bit of love and making them feel important and none other than this day could make them feel special and give them this momentary joy of celebrating the festival of light with people they relate to as their sons and daughters.